Let's Rethink dog training!

Dog trainers aren't existent to tend to "naughty dogs" who need some sort of mechanical programming in order to fit our lives; they’re here to enhance the daily life between any owner and dog team through positive reinforcement and creativity.  



Private Training


In-home or on location, hour long training session, tailored to each individual human and canine. 

Introductory Consultation


This 40 to 60 minute in-home meeting will lay the ground work for our sessions. Complimentary mini session and info sheets included!

Day Training / Training Walks

40 minutes of training time between dog & trainer in-between Private sessions or on their own.  

Board & Train


Fully immersive training in a loving home environment while you're on holiday or throughout the year!




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Leash & Lens

I am proudly a Positive Reinforcement based Clicker trainer, advocating Force-free, Fear-free, Science-based training methods to create successful behaviour modification in pet dogs.

I have acquired certifications through the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), within the science of Learning Theory, completed an extensive Pet Dog Trainers course through Open Colleges and frequently attend online webinars hosted through either APDT, IAABC, PPG which award CEU’s (Continued education units) that further my formal education. I am currently mentored by two phenomenal dog trainers, Lewis Nicholls & Hannah Sadgrove (I will link their pages below) and have been actively working and training dogs and other domestic animals for just shy of 5 years. Currently, I am logging hours and studying to achieve CPDT-KA status, which means I will be universally acknowledged as a “Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed”. However, I do have my sights set on the IMDT and Fear Free certifications.

As a proud member of associations such as the APDT, IAABC, PPG, and Do No Harm  I have made it a lifelong commitment to train with the least intrusive methods possible; meaning I do not condone the use of check/choke chains, prong collars, shock/e-collars, water sprayers, alpha-rolling, shouting, sound scare tactics or any other gimmicks. Rest assured your dog will be treated with the upmost respect and care while under my guidance.  


My own dog, Jedi, the Chinese Shar-Pei cross bull breed is as much of a teacher to me as I am to him. Being dog reactive, he has taught me first hand how to handle such sensitive emotional responses, encouraging me to draw upon all areas of dog psychology and learning theory to get him to a stage where he can cope with seeing other dogs during our adventures together, and even forming doggy friendships! I am so pleased to now offer Training Walks for dogs just like him!

I am so eager to continue learning and working with animals throughout my life. Particularly in areas such as Cooperative care, Enrichment programs and Applied Animal Behaviour.


Now that we have discussed the 'Leash' part, what about the 'Lens'? 


I am a self-taught photographer, drawn to the beauty of natural light! I have been photographing nature and animals for 6 years and look forward to continuing. I specialize in portraits and action shots, with the aim to capture the animal subject in true form. Capable of working with dogs and animals of all species and training levels, I will tirelessly work to achieve the best images as possible. I also take great pride in showing off my clients on social media through phone photography! 


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